Coffee Soap

I don't know about you but I (Tyler, not Catherine) love the smell of coffee! I don't drink it, but I purposely look for the coffee aisle in the store to walk past and smell. I also use it in my truck as an air freshener (coffee grounds are great odor eliminators). So I wanted to make coffee soap so I could start the day out smelling coffee without having to hang around the break room hoping for someone to pour a cup. Plus, one of our awesome subscribers requested the scent!

I REALLY wanted it to smell like coffee. We'd used some coffee and grounds in another soap, but that smell really didn't end up in the final scent, so we set out to make it happen! We infused coffee into coconut oil and then filtered the grounds out so we had coffee scented coconut oil to start with. Then we replaced all of our water for the lye solution with 3x strength French-pressed coffee. Since the last times we'd used coffee and grounds in soap the smell hadn't stuck around, we actually bought Coffee Fragrance Oil (we usually only use Essential Oils in our soaps).

Yay! It smelled like coffee!

The house smelled amazing!!! Our daughter who loves the smell of coffee wanted to sleep downstairs so she could smell it all night long. Since we made it hot process (Coffee is supposed to be hot right?) I cut the soap in the morning and stole a bar to take to work just so I could smell it at my desk.

Now It didn't smell like coffee! What?!?

Instead, it had a chocolatey smell to it. There's no chocolate in the soap! I knew there was (lots of) coffee in the soap, and I could smell a hint of it, but NOBODY I asked to smell it (yes, I ask people at my day job to smell my soap) replied with coffee as the scent, but said they could smell it in the aroma once I told them it was there.

Yay! It smells like coffee again!!!

But, once we used it in the shower, it was a dream come true. It smells like 5 baristas are competing to make me a cup of coffee in the shower. Why? I don't know! It smells like a very sweetened-chocolatey-coffee-concoction on a shelf, but a café in the shower.

If you love coffee, you will love this!

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